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the Art of Fly Fishing!

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What the San Juan Fly Fishing Federation

Has to Offer!

Besides supporting the Promotion, Education and Conservation of fly fishing, we fish alot!

Flies, Fishing, Fly fishing. We talk fly fishing throughout our communities and attend activities including "in-store" nights where we share our passion.
Among our activities,  SJFFF supports the state of New Mexico's "Trout in the Classroom"  program and the Navajo Ministries annual Youth Tournament.
Through New Mexico state programs, SJFFF conducts and participates in and around the Navajo Reservoir and the Quality Waters of the San Juan River.

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Learn how to Fly Fish

with the San Juan Fly Fishing Federation

Hear from Local members on some of the Fly Fishing basics, including equipment, tying knots, how to rig up and much, much more!

Tips & Tricks for Fishermen!

Whether you are a newcomer or a seasoned fisherman, tips are always handy…