About us

About us

When fishing is in your blood, you’ve just gotta love it.

The San Juan Fly Fishing Federation (SJFFF) is a non-profit organization of concerned citizens who participate in: Promotion, Education, and Conservation of the sport and art of Fly Fishing.

Our membership includes accountants, law enforcement officers, teachers, doctors and other health care folks, oilfield workers, retirees, grandmas, computer geeks, carpenters, state and municipal government employees, students, a couple of licensed fly fishing guides, business owners and power plant employees.

Experience levels range from, “Oh, is that a fly rod?” to “Well of COURSE I’m gonna go fishing honey. It’s only -6 degrees.” (We’ll warn you about them.)

But we all have the love of the sport in common.

The first four miles of the San Juan river below the Navajo Dam here in northwest New Mexico are estimated to hold over 80,000 trout.

With that kind of “World Class Fly Fishing” right in our own back yard how can you refuse?

So many fish. So little time!!!

So gear up,  join us and get your “FISH ON!!

See what our Federation has to offer!


Flies, Fishing, Fly fishing. We talk fly fishing throughout our communities and attend activities including “in-store” nites where we share our passion.


Among our activities,  SJFFF supports the state of New Mexico’s “Trout in the Classroom”  program and the Navaho Ministries annual Youth Tournament.


SJFFF, through New Mexico state programs, conducts and participates in and around the Navajo Reservoir and the Quality Waters of the San Juan River.


Fishing is Not Just a Pastime, But a Lifetime!

Become a Member for a Brand New Fishing Experience!